Savannah – in the Wild



SAVANNAH – In the Wild is an educational exhibition featuring several animal species from Africa and Asia, some of which  are on the brink of extinction. Our exhibitions help to  promote the cause of endangered animals!

All animals  are reproduced at scale 1, and are equipped with a robotic system that enables them to move different parts of their body, roar, and  breathe!


This  immersive scenography reproduces the various biotopes and natural habitats of the wild animals represented. Educational signage gives information on the different species shown.

The exhibition is complemented by a photo call where kids can sit on the back of a young elephant.  A pedagogic area enables children 4-12 to have fun and develop their knowledge and creativity in interactive workshops.


A series of panels explain the main causes of extinction, signal the most endangered territories, and give information on the evolution of the Savannah.